Requirements for Employee Workplaces 1995 Edition

The CTI had proposed an addition to NFPA 70E:

Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces concerning walking on cable trays. This recommendation is already in the NEMA VE-1 standard and cable tray manufacturers literature and tray sections. The proposal to the 70E committee is:

NEW – Section 3-1.3.3 – Cable Tray Installation and Maintenance

Inasmuch as cable tray is designed as a support for power or control cables, or both, and is not intended or designed to be a walkway for personnel, the user is urged to display appropriate warnings cautioning against the use of this support as a walkway. The following language is suggested:

Warning! Not to be used as a walkway, ladder or support for personnel. To be used only as a mechanical support for cables and tubing.

Note: 70E is the basic for the OSHA safe work practices.